Find More Journals Online

The Norris Library website connects USC faculty, students and staff to over 38,000 electronic journals, including 2,100 health sciences titles.To access the online text of a particular journal, click on Journals at the top of the library home page, then on All USC Journals at the top of the Journals menu.  Type the first few words of the journal title into the Search box at the top of the page.


The resulting display shows sources containing the journal in full text.

Select a link that includes the appropriate year and use the menu of online issues to locate the needed article.

When full text is not available online, choose More Full Text Options to explore additional ways to obtain the article.

The Health Sciences eJournals list is useful when you know that the Health Sciences Libraries subscribe to a particular online journal, but be aware that this list does not contain all health sciences electronic journals available at USC.  Publishers licensing agreements group some health sciences journals with non-medical journals of the University Park USC Libraries, and these titles do not appear on the Health Sciences eJournals A-Z list. 

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