PLoS ONE: a Groundbreaking Journal

 Public Library of Science has launched PLoS ONE to provide a more inclusive open-access platform for peer-reviewed scientific literature by featuring reports of primary research from all disciplines within science and medicine. By not excluding papers on the basis of subject area, PLoS ONE facilitates the discovery of the connections between papers whether within or between disciplines.

PLoS ONE allows you to

Additional functionality will be introduced soon and user feedback is encouraged to shape the future of this resource.

Each submission to PLoS ONE will be assessed by a member of the PLoS ONE Editorial Board before publication. This pre-publication peer review will concentrate on technical rather than subjective concerns and may involve discussion with other members of the Editorial Board and/or the solicitation of formal reports from independent referees. If published, papers will be made available for community-based open peer review involving online annotation, discussion, and rating.






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