Tips & Tricks for Google Searching

Getting results from Google is easy but finding what you are looking for can be more challenging. Try these to shortcuts to get the best results from your Google searches.

Searches for the Exact Phrase
e.g. “from here to eternity”

Excludes results with a particular word or phrase
e.g. bass –fishing for articles on bass but not bass fishing

Searches for Similar Words
e.g. ~mobile phone for articles on mobile, cell, cellular, wireless, etc. phones

Searches for a Range of Numbers
e.g. Martin Luther King 1963…1968

Searches only Particular Websites
e.g. global warming site:edu

Performs basic Calculator Functions
e.g. 54+697, 33% of 574, 20^2, sqrt(4), etc.

Converts Units of Measure
e.g. cm in foot, 28c in F, $ in euro, days in fortnight, miles in league, mph in speed of light, etc.

You can also use the Advanced Search link on the Google home page to apply some of the above limits as well as others including date and language.

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