Protein Lounge Expands Library Bioinformatics Collection

Protein Lounge is an extensive gene/protein web portal proving access to ten databases covering major model organisms, and nine molecular and bioinformatics research tools useful for research and teaching.

Key Protein Lounge databases include 

  • The Pathway Database, containing a comprehensive collection of illustrated signal transduction pathways that are interactively connected to the protein database as well as useful analysis tools. 
  • The siRNA Target Database, allowing identification of siRNA target sequences using pre-computed targets for all known genes. 
  • The Peptide-Antigen Target Database, storing antigenic peptide targets against all known protein sequences throughout a variety of organisms. 
  • The Kinase-Phosphatase Database, allowing searching by kinases, phosphatases or substrate, with the goal of understanding the patterns of phosphorylation and dephosphorylation within the cell. 

Research tools that can be downloaded from Protein Lounge include 

  • Pathway Builder, with a user-friendly interface and wide selection of excellent images that allow you to draw high quality pathway graphics. This database also includes many pre-made pathways, useful for presentations and publications. 
  • The PathwayPublisher, facilitating publication of pathways on the Web. 
  • The LabBook, allowing you to keep track of computational results to save research data from the other Protein Lounge tools and databases. 

For more information on this resource and upcoming Bioinformatic Workshops, please visit Bioinformatics Support for USC Faculty, Students and Researchers.

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