UpToDate Has New Topics and Content

UpToDate has just released its new version, 15.3, with 88 new topics and updated content for 44% of its existing topics. Editors have received largely positive feedback on the new search engine released earlier this year.


Two primary concerns, however, were expressed by UpToDate users and editors of the resource have addressed them.


  • In response to the loss of the separation of pediatric topics from the rest of the program, the new 15.3 version allows you simply add “in children” to a search to retrieve topics from the pediatric section.


  • With respect to the large number of matches the search engine retrieves, editors suggest increasing the specificity of a search by using multiple terms, making it likely that the most relevant topics will be at the top of the list of matches, e.g. searching on ACE inhibitors together with hypertension and diabetes rather than searching only on hypertension or diabetes.




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