Ovid Has a New Interface

On Monday February 4, Ovid will launch a new interface, OvidSP, for searching MEDLINE and its other databases.  OvidSP has an updated look and added functionality. 

The OvidSP interface offers multiple search modes to accommodate various information needs:

  • Basic search:  Provides the major enhancement of the previous Ovid interface by allowing you to enter queries using natural language. Results are ranked by relevancy.  Basic search is geared to novice or occasional searchers.
  • Advanced Ovid Search:  Equivalent to the Ovid interface in use until February 4, 2008.  The Norris Library has customized this as the default mode for OvidSP. Geared to frequent and previous Ovid searchers, this mode supports syntax searching and mapping to MeSH controlled vocabulary terms. We strongly recommend this mode for comprehensive search results.
  • Find Citation:  Geared to users who need a quick match and already know at least part of a bibliographic citation.
  • Search Tools:  Allows you to access specific tools, such as MeSH Tree Structures and scope notes to find information.
  • Search Fields:  Searches by specific field(s) to permit searching of abstracts, author name, ISSN, and other criteria. 

Additional features of the new interface include

  • Inline abstracts that allow you to expand or collapse citation abstracts for efficient viewing of records in the search results display
  • Ability to annotate your search results
  • Improved Current Alerting tools such as RSS feeds for Saved Searches and electronic Table of Contents (eTOCS)

Please note that all existing alerts and saved searches created in the previous platform will still be available in the new interface.

Demonstrations of the OvidSP interface and the new Basic search mode will be given in the Norris Library conference room at 12:00 noon on

  • Tuesday, February 19
  • Wednesday, February 20

Bring your lunch!

Additional information on OvidSP is available in the following:

In addition, help in using the new Ovid interface is available at the Reference Desk weekdays from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. in person or at 323 442-1111.

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