VisualDx Aids Point-of-Care Diagnosis

VisualDx is a diagnostic decision support system designed to assist medical professionals in diagnosing visually identifiable diseases. The system is organized to match the way a doctor thinks about symptoms and diagnoses, and presents multiple images of each disease, showing how each might look at different stages and in people of different ages and races. The software accesses more than 16,000 images of over 900 visually identifiable diseases, drug reactions and infections, and merges them with concise clinical text.

To use the technology, enter a patient’s symptoms and other clinical findings such as lesion type, body location, medical history, medications, etc.  VisualDx creates a visual differential diagnosis, displaying photographs and key clinical information on all relevant diagnoses. VisualDx is a multi-use tool designed for day-to-day clinical diagnosis, emergency preparedness, and medical education.  The system’s actionable information includes the following:

  • Diagnosis synopsis
  • Look for
  • Diagnostic Pearls 
  • Best Tests
  • Management Pearls
  • Therapy 

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