PubMed Offers New Features

PubMed’s most recent update features improved tools for locating articles and complying with the NIH Public Access Policy.

  • Advanced Search Mode:  searches across multiple fields simultaneously and includes the view, combine, modify search histories and limits functions on the same page.
  • Drug Censor: links to evidence based medicine resources for searches on (some) drugs on the results page. 
  • ATM (Automatic Term Mapping):  new version shows how PubMed interpreted your search and displays MeSH terms from the “Details” tab.
  • Citation Sensor: automatically searches a name within a search without having to indicate that it is an author (au).  For example, if you type in “Stone Chen 2008” in the search box, the article written by Chen and Stone in 2008 will be displayed on top of the result page, highlighted in yellow background.
  • PMID : PMCID Converter converts PubMed or PubMed Central ID to PMCID for citing papers in compliance with NIH grant application requirements. 

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