Is Your Physician Web 2.0 Savvy?

Physicians are moving to Web 2.0 in fast growing numbers. They are using tools like social networking platforms, blogs, wikis, podcasts, videos, and specialized search engines to communicate with patients, with industry, and — more often than not — each other.   MedicalPlexus is a restricted-access social network in which doctors, life science researchers and students can connect, interact and share their work. Network users can 

  • View any kind of media right in the browser—images, videos, documents, audio, or presentations.
  • Upload documents to a group, to a personal library, or for public viewing.
  • Create Projects to quickly bring together a group of people to accomplish something on a deadline.
  • Subscribe to RSS feeds from any of over 800 science and medical journals and receive regular updates on your MedicalPlexus home page.
  • Search PubMed for a potential collaborator to see what they’ve published.
  • Search the user generated KnowledgeBase for relevant articles or videos.

Users must create an account, but registration is free.

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