Find That Article

pubmed2Sometimes you know there’s a fabulous article that’s right on topic, but you don’t have the complete citation and despair of ever finding it.  PubMed’s Single Citation Matcher to the rescue!  The link to this tool has long been on the left side of the database’s homepage, but very likely went unnoticed.  The matcher allows you to enter as much information as you know about the article you’re trying to locate.  Know the article title, the journal title and the author name but not the date or the volume and pages?  Fill in as much information as you have and use the autofill function to cut down on typos. Click “Go” and you’ve successfully found your article…or not!  If you come up with no matches, try going back and removing an element of the information you provided.  Often, taking out the author’s name, which might have multiple spellings, will make the match.

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