Off-Campus Access: No More VPN

Off-campus and wireless access to all USC-licensed electronic library resources is available from the library website through a proxy server. VPN can no longer be used to access these resources remotely and must be disconnected in order for the proxy server to work. From an off-campus computer, simply click on the link to any resource on the library website. If the resource is licensed by USC, a Remote Access Portal login page will appear. Enter your USC computer account user name and password to be linked to the resource. This authorization continues until you close the web browser or after 90 minutes of inactivity. Due to license restrictions, the UpToDate database is only available on campus and cannot be accessed through the proxy server. If you experience any problems accessing a resource, contact the Norris Library Technology Support Center at 323-442-1968.

4 Responses to Off-Campus Access: No More VPN

  1. msIII says:

    I’m on an inpatient rotation at another facility; if I want to check Up To Date, I’m supposed to either stick around CHLA or go to USC-LAC?

  2. Beverly Chen says:

    I am having trouble accessing up to date on my home computer. it requires an up to date log in.

  3. norrislib says:

    Unfortunately, UpToDate only allows on-campus access, but that does include CHLA. LAC+USC has their own subscription to UpToDate, so it’s available there, too.

  4. norrislib says:

    As indicated in our earlier response, UpToDate is for on-campus use only. However, we’re in the process of renewing our license and are looking into the possibility of remote access.

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