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Global Health is a recent addition to the OvidSP MEDLINE lineup of databases.  This specialized database is a comprehensive public health resource providing international coverage of

  • communicable diseases (including HIV/AIDS)
  • tropical diseases, i.e, diseases in the tropics (including field and experimental studies)
  • parasitic diseases and parasitology – medical entomology human nutrition (including food composition, food poisoning, effects of diet on health, nutritional disorders, and experimental aspects)
  • community and public health (including chronic diseases, occupational health, health status indicators, the impact of agriculture on health, and cancer epidemiology)
  • medicinal and poisonous plants (including pharmacology, tissue culture, animal studies, plant composition, allergens, and toxins)

The database includes core public health journals not indexed by other major medical databases and translates all foreign language abstracts into English. New English language abstracts are drafted for most articles that don’t include one in the original.  Besides journal articles, Global Health covers books, book chapters, handbooks, conference proceedings and more.

Global Health is updated monthly and is accessible from the OvidSP MEDLINE gateway.

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