Web 2.0 Toolkit: Collaboration

by Stephen Kiyoi, Norris Library Intern

Whether you’re conducting in-depth research, or working on a group project for class, chances are you’ll need to come up with clever ways to work together, even when you’re apart. This week I’ll be talking about just a couple of the online tools designed to make this distributed collaboration easier. Be sure to check Norris Library’s Web 2.0 Libguide to find a list of collaboration tools.

Document Creation and Management

Google Docs is NML’s most-used document management program. Once you have an account, Google Docs will allow you to create and share word docs, presentations and excel spreadsheets–all for free. If you’re interested in quick results, Google Docs will help you clear the tangle of multiple versions by creating one, online, continuously updated version of your document. The best part of this is that, with Google Docs, you and your colleagues will be able to edit your documents simultaneously. Other functionality, such as large file sharing and controllable e-mail notifications make Google Docs a very powerful collaboration tool. Confused? Check out this video for a quick explanation.


SlideRocket makes it easy for you and your team members to create and publish presentations online. With SlideRocket, you can embed rich media within your presentation–it’s easy to insert video clips, record your voice to play along with your slides and search and save pictures from sites like Flickr. If you choose to publish your presentation online, you can select who can view it and track how many views it gets over time. Check out this video for a quick explanation of SlideRocket’s many features. (SlideRocket offers their basic version for free, and individual and business plans on a monthly subscription. Click here for pricing information.)

That’s all for now! Be sure to visit the Web 2.0 Libguide for more of the best resources, and check back here for more helpful tips from the Web 2.0 Toolkit series.

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