uCentral  is now available through the Norris Library. Answer clinical questions quickly and easily with mobile resources: 5MCC, Emergency Medicine Manual and Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests can be downloaded to your Windows Mobile and Palm OS devices. Keep up to date with the literature through uCentral’s on-the-go journal tracking tools which link to the Norris Library journal collection.

No mobile device, no problem.  Access these resources from any computer on the University network.

Five Minute Clinical Consult – Fast to-the point guidance for more than 700 medical conditions. Organized in a proven rapid-access format, all topics are concise, consistent, and action-oriented. Respected authors with experience in general medicine and subspecialties incorporate the latest evidence in succinct recommendations for patient care.

Emergency Medicine Manual – This title puts a remarkable amount of clinically focused information at your fingertips. The manual delivers patient presentations, diagnoses, treatment strategies, indications for hospital admission, and appropriate follow-up–all organized for rapid reference.

Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests – Quick, evidence-based information on the selection and interpretation of common diagnostic tests. Covers evidence based information on the selection and interpretation of more than 350 laboratory, imaging, and microbiology tests.

Unbound Medline – Derived from the National Library of Medicine’s PubMed database, Unbound MEDLINE allows you to track leading journals in your field and search the medical literature from a PDA, wireless device or the Web. Unbound’s Journal Browser delivers tables of contents and abstracts from the latest journal issue to your handheld on synchronization.

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