Web 2.0 Toolkit: Twitter

by Stephen Kiyoi, Norris Library Intern

No doubt you’ve heard about Twitter, but perhaps you’re confused about exactly what it is, or how best to use it. Like many of the other social networking sites, Twitter does a whole lot more than offer you a way to “shout out” what you’ve just eaten for lunch. Twitter’s most powerful feature is its ability to connect you to streams of information from all the people who interest you most. Twitter and third party software offer some very sophisticated tools to manage and filter those different streams. Read on to learn a about a few ways to get started making the best use of Twitter.

Twitter recently created a list feature that allows you to create and follow groups of people. Lists are helpful for keeping track of people or topics that you’re interested in without cluttering your main feed. Listorious, a new site dedicated to Twitter lists, allows you to easily find a pre-made list on pretty much any topic.

Twitter has a whole host of third party, desktop applications that let you view and manage multiple feeds and lists. TweetDeck is one of the most powerful and popular of these applications. Among other features, TweetDeck allows its users to save searches and keep up to date with them in real time. This can be helpful if you want to search for a job—just type in keywords for your dream job, and keep track of the tweets advertising these jobs without having to rerun your search.

If you’re already using Twitter, and other social networking sites, or, if you’re just getting started and want to learn more, be sure to check out our Web 2.0 libguide for more great resources.

One Response to Web 2.0 Toolkit: Twitter

  1. Twitter is a great marketing tool and micro blog. Unfortunately most people don’t know how to use it for their benefits and so it is filled with spam posts.
    Using it the right way will increase the amount of followers and what is even more important, the amount of followers they are really interested in your tweets.

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