Exam Master Adds Flashcards


Are you familiar with Exam Master Online? It’s a great study resource for preparing for the boards, other certification exams, or even just to review.

A new feature has been added to the Exam Master Online system: Flashcards. You can edit, view and create an unlimited number of flashcards. There is a help file readily available to guide you through the process.

Each student must register with Exam Master, allowing you to customize your exams, track your progress, view scores of exams taken and use Flashcards and other features. This feature is available once you log into your account. Select “Flashcards” from the list of buttons on the left to create individual flashcards and also file them into flashcard groups.  You can also convert any of your study notes into a flashcard. You will see a new option at the bottom of your study note to “Make this note a flashcard”.

Please note the special instructions for Year I and Year II medical students.

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