SpringerLink is a full-text database containing thousands of books, eBooks, eReferences, protocols, journal articles and book series in the biomedical and life sciences published by Springer.  SpringerLink currently contains 2,524 fully peer-reviewed journals and 41,362 books online and free access to search, tables of contents, abstracts, and alerting services. The platform was recently updated to improve the search functionality, allow PDF preview for eBook chapters and to provide related documents for every article or eBook chapter.

When you enter a search term or phrase into SpringerLink, you are searching the title, the abstract and the full text (including authors, affiliations and references) of every article, book chapter and protocol. The SpringerLink search engine will locate and match articles, book chapters, books, and journals that cite your word or phrase. The search functionality is always available at the top of every page on the SpringerLink website. By typing or pasting a word or phrase into the “Search For” text field at the top of SpringerLink, you can click “Go” to search all SpringerLink content.  

In addition, if you are looking for a specific journal, book or eReference, you can use the “Publication Title” search field offered beneath the “Search For” text field.

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