Micromedex 1 to Micromedex 2 Switch

Micromedex, the widely used electronic drug information tool, is made available to USC affiliates by the Norris Medical Library. In early 2010, Micromedex launched “Micromedex 2.0,” while still offering their old interface under the name “Micromedex 1.0.” Beginning June 1, 2011, only Micromedex 2.0 will be available to customers.

Micromedex 2.0 consists of the same reliable, trusted information found in the earlier version—including professional drug monographs, Index Nominum, Physician’s Desk Reference, Martindale, and consumer-focused drug information—and uses a  new search interface to make finding information easier. Simply type your search term in the dashboard search box and results are displayed from each information resource contained within USC’s Micromedex 2.0 subscription. The screenshot below shows the search interface for Micromedex 2.0.

To use special information tools integrated into USC’s Micromedex subscription, such as drug interactions, Trissel’s 2 IV Compatibility, drug identification, drug comparisons, calculators, or CareNotes patient education handouts, click on the tool name above the search box in Micromedex 2.0. 

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