VisualDx 6.15 Released

VisualDx, the diagnostic decision support system for the diagnosis of visually identifiable diseases, has been updated and expanded in a new release, just out.  

New features, additions and enhancements include:

  • Citations from the literature documenting drug-disease relationships have been added for every diagnosis associated with a medication finding. The number of citations linking a medication to a diagnosis is shown; clicking the number displays the full list of citations with a link to associated PubMed abstracts.
  • A consideration ranking based on importance and commonality/rarity in North America has been added. Differential results are displayed in rank order, with the most common diagnosis listed first, followed by those that are less common and rare.
  • Drug-induced conditions can now be searched by medication name using the VisualDx search function.  Each diagnosis now features an Associated Medications table that allows sorting by medication name or number of citations in the literature.
  • Diagnoses within the dark skin clinical scenarios have been updated and 35 new diagnoses have been added.

More than 412 unique medical images have been added, bringing the total to more than 22,000.

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