TOXNET: NLM'S TOXicology Data NETwork

The Division of Specialized Information Services of the National Library of Medicine provides free access to TOXNET (TOXicology Data NETwork), a cluster of twelve searchable databases covering toxicology, hazardous chemicals and environmental health. The web interface is designed as an easy way to search databases of varying formats and content and can be used to locate toxicology data, literature references, and toxic release information on particular chemicals as well as to search and identify chemicals that cause specific effects. TOXNET offers a variety of ways to display and sort information. Its “Multi-Databases” feature provides an integrated search of any or all of the databases in the cluster and its “Search All Databases” feature provides a list of TOXNET databases in which a search term is found, each paired with the retrieval record count and with links to the Search Results page of those databases.

Mobile TOXNET is now accessible with any mobile device.

ToxLearn, a multi-module toxicology tutorial, is available to provide users with an introduction to basic toxicology principles.

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