PubMed Adds New Citation Management Features

PubMed’s My NCBI account users have two new options for saving citations.  Now you can download citations as a text file that can be imported into EndNote, Refworks or other citation manager software.  To use this feature, begin by clicking on the “Send to” link, choose “Citation manager” as the destination and click “Create File”.  (See below.)  The resulting file is formatted for importing into your citation manager software.

The PubMed “Abstract” display now includes a “Favorite” button, giving users an easy way to save citations to a new NCBI collection or add them to an existing collection. To use this feature, click on the article title to make the button visible and then click on the “Favorite” button. You will be prompted to sign into My NCBI (if you aren’t already) and given the option to create a new collection or add the citation to a list of your previously-created collections. (See below.)

Register for a My NCBI account  to take a advantage of these helpful new tools.

Adapted from :

Canese K. PubMed Results and Citation Manager Software. NLM Tech Bull. 2012 Mar-Apr;(385):e5.

Canese K. PubMed and the My NCBI Favorites Collection Feature. NLM Tech Bull. 2012 Mar-Apr;(385):e6.

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