PubMed Limits Function Modified

PubMed has changed the way users narrow search results by replacing the Limits page with a results filter sidebar. While it looks slightly different, the filter sidebar options work the same way as they did on the limit selection page.

Click a filter to narrow your search results; a “Filters activated” message will display on the result page.
Only valid filter options for a result set will display on the sidebar. Once a filter is selected, it will stay activated for subsequent searches until the selection is cleared. To turn off filters, click either the “Clear all” link to remove all the filters, the “clear” link next to a filter category to clear the selections within that category, or the individual filter.

To add additional filter categories to the sidebar, click the “Choose additional filters” link, select the additional categories, and then click “Apply”. To add filters to the sidebar for categories with many selections, click the category “more …” link, select the additional filters and then click “Apply”.
Adapted from:
Canese, K. PubMed Filters Sidebar Replaces the Limits Page. NLM Tech Bull. 2012 May-Jun;(386):e3.

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