Book by Keck Faculty Members Added to NML

The Developing Human Brain: Growth and Adversities (2012) (CLIN DEV MED, no. 193), part of the Clinics in Developmental Medicine Series, was recently added to Norris Library’s circulating journal collection.  Co-authors, neuropathology expert Floyd Harry Gilles, M.D. and neuroimaging expert Marvin D. Nelson, M.D., are both Keck School of Medicine faculty members and physicians at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

The book focuses on brain development during the last half of gestation and the neonatal and infant periods, when the risk is greatest for the acquisition of childhood functional neurologic deficits. Section 1 covers typical development and Section 2 covers common acquired brain abnormalities.  A chapter on embryonic and fetal physiologic reactions to external stimuli is included between the two sections.  The authors combine pathologic and neuroimaging examples to help the reader better understand the neuroimages that they encounter and include over 200 illustrations, many in color.

Blog article adapted from Amazon’s product description.

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