Productivity App Series: ZipCast

ZipCast is a free virtual meeting/presentation tool that lets users connect with anyone, anywhere, in real time.  ZipCast runs in a web browser along with phone conferencing and video, so everyone can see the same thing while you talk.

ZipCast allows users to start a virtual meeting from any presentation in its sister-product, SlideShare, (see July 17, 2012 blog article) and present that meeting to an unlimited number of viewers instantly. Present publicly when you want your ideas to spread. Present privately, when it is you and a colleague. ZipCast also comes with group chat and social invitation functions that make it very easy to tweet or post a meeting to Facebook. Meetings can be scheduled for the date and time you want and others invited to attend.

Features include:One-click virtual meeting solution

  • No downloads required
  • Ability to make the meeting private or public
  • Custom URL to invite participants to the meeting (
  • Integration with Twitter and Facebook for marketing the meeting
  • Free for basic features
  • Participants can advance slides independently of the presenter
  • Presenters can broadcast video via a webcam
  • Group chat area – chats can be shared via Facebook and Twitter

The use of the basic interface is free.  Additional features are available with Zipcast Pro, available for a monthly fee.*

* ZipCast web site. Accessed August 6, 2012.

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