Book by Keck Faculty Added to NML

Lateral Skull Base SurgeryLateral Skull Base Surgery:  the House Clinic Atlas (WE 17 L351 2012) was recently added to Norris’ book collection.  The atlas was co-edited by four clinical professors in the Keck School’s Department of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery and affiliated with the House Ear Institute .  They are Rick A. Friedman, MD, PhD, William H. Slattery III, MD, Derald E. Brackmann,  MD, Jose N. Fayad, MD.  Marc S. Schwartz, MD, also of the House Ear Institute, was an additional editor.  The atlas contains detailed descriptions of the techniques used in lateral skull base surgery and covers topics ranging from auditory brainstem implants to vestibular schwannoma, providing readers with a comprehensive overview of surgical procedures and techniques used to treat a variety of skull base diseases. 

Special features include:

  • A DVD containing 8 surgical videos of the most common techniques present in the book
  • More than 180 high-quality illustrations depicting step-by-step surgical procedures

Blog article adapted from Amazon’s product description.

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