NML Mobile App Show and Tell Declares a Winner!

NML-Logo2Smart Office 2  was declared the winner of Norris Medical Library’s Mobile App Show and Tell on Friday, January 25th. This app permits you to create and view Microsoft Office documents, including .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, and .xls.  It is available for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Price varies based on the device used to purchase the app (as some Android devices include discounts), but ranges between $.50 and $5.99. This app also includes a printer driver, letting you print directly from your iPad.

The second place winning app was Leonardo Da Vinci: Anatomy.  This $13.99 app provides high-quality scans of every one of Da Vinci’s anatomical drawings. Interactive features include comparisons of Da Vinci’s drawings with modern 3D models of human anatomy. The app also includes video and written work from Da Vinci experts, discussing anatomical discoveries and how his anatomical interests affected his art.   Available only for the iPad.

Other apps presented included:

Emergency Medical Spanish:  This free app includes over 250 questions relating to intake and physical exam in Spanish and English.  For iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows.

Eval MD:  Chart signs and symptoms in real time.  At the conclusion of the patient encounter, generate a patient encounter form to be printed and placed in a chart.  Available only  for iOS, but no cost.

Dragon Medical Search.  Developed by a top medical dictation software company, this free iOS app helps you find information. Type or speak the name of a condition, drug, or disease, and the app searches online information sources like Medscape and Medline to find information.

Any Connect.  This free app provides VPN (Virtual Private Network) access, permitting iOS and Android users to connect to secure sites. VPN can be used to access USC Library information resources, and if enabled by your department’s administrator, you may be able to access your department’s file servers and desktop computers from off campus.

Subway Surfers.   This free animated game lets you dodge subway trains and collect coins.  Be careful—it’s addictive!  Available for iOS and Android.

Micromedex Drug Interactions.   This free app for USC students, staff, and faculty, provides quality information on interactions between up to 15 oral and topical drugs.   Available for iOS and Android.

Micromedex IV Compatibility. One of the few IV Compatibility apps available, this app is free for USC students, staff, and faculty. Input IV drug names and view solution compatibility, or enter multiple drugs to discover compatibility in y-site, syringe, and admixture. This app is available for iOS and Android.

Keep an eye on New@Norris for more information on these and other new apps!

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