HeLa Cells in the News

August 20, 2013



Learn about the self-replicating cell line the polio vaccine, in vitro fertilization and gene mapping have in common.

Ingenuity Pathways On-site Training on 9/5/13

August 16, 2013

Great news!  With the strong financial backing from VP of Research, Dr. Randolph Hall, and Norris Medical Library, our Ingenuity Pathways Analysis (IPA) license now includes access to the new IPA Advanced Analytics tools, Causal Network Analysis, Comparison Analysis, and BioProfiler.

For over 450 existing USC IPA users, the most authoritative database for functional analysis of ‘omics data is now even more powerful. Read the rest of this entry »

Can Chocolate Boost Brain Health?

August 8, 2013



If you can’t live without your daily dose of chocolate, you will want to know if chocolate can boost brain health and why you shouldn’t binge just yet.