New Feature Added to PubMed

pubmed3Dismayed when your PubMed search returns hundreds of citations?  The National Library of Medicine has added a new relevance sort option currently shown as a “new feature” (see below) on your results page and also accessible from the “Display Settings” menu under the “Sort by” selections.

“The relevance sort order for search results is based on an algorithm that analyzes each PubMed citation that includes the search terms. For each search query, “weight” is calculated for citations depending on how many search terms are found and in which fields they are found. In addition, recently-published articles are given a somewhat higher weight for sorting.”PubMed New FeatureII

Locating the best articles from a mass of results has just gotten easier!

Adapted from :

Canese K. PubMed Relevance Sort. NLM Tech Bull. 2013 Sep-Oct;(394):e2.

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